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Celebrity Straight Talk

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that people in the public eye also have personal life challenges. Celebrity Straight Talk gives you the opportunity to learn how people who have achieved celebrity status in their professional fields have also faced – and overcome - their private struggles. 

Celebrity Straight Talk: Discover more about the people you know from the news!

RECENT INTERVIEWS                                                                                                                                   

SUNDAY, May 13th: Susan Morse - Actress and Author
Click here for Susan Morse's interview
SUNDAY, April 29th: Elissa Montanti - Founder and Director of The Global Medical Relief Fund   SUNDAY, April 22nd: Nadja Piatka - Entrepreneur
and Philanthropist
Click here for Elissa Montanti's interview
Click here for Nadja Piatka's interview
 SUNDAY, April 15th: Moll Anderson - Lifestyle Expert &
 Interior Designer
 SUNDAY, April 8th: Dr. Judy Kuriansky - Psychologist and 4
UN Ambassador

Click here for Moll Anderson's interview 
Click here for Dr. Judy Kuriansky's interview
 SUNDAY, April 1st: Camilla Webster - Author &
Broadcast Journalist
SUNDAY, March 25th: Ray Leonard, Jr. - Son of Boxer
Sugar Ray Leonard
Click here for Camilla Webster's interview    

Click here for Ray Leonard, Jr.'s interview       
SUNDAY, March 18th: Rita Cosby –  Emmy® Winning TV Host & Author    SUNDAY, March 11th: Matt Kennon - Country Music Star  
    Click here for Rita Cosby’s interview  
Click here for Matt Kennon’s interview